Boot Camp

Boot camp class includes a mix of aerobic, strength, agility and endurance elements. Session involves a warm-up and cool-down,  various bodyweight exercises, such as pushups, lunges and crunches, as well as drills and sprints, which have the aim of providing an all-over body workout.

Class style and intensity will vary depending on the fitness level of those attending the class.

Boot camp sessions usually are intense, but we make sure our classes are suitable for both men and women, novice and fitness enthusiasts alike, because individuals will be allowed to work at their own personal level and intensity. 

The class will take place in the gym environment, therefore classes will be small up to 5 participants. Everyone gets special attention and support making sure you get the most out of the training. Boot camp sessions will work the heart and lungs and give almost every muscle in your body a workout.

Expect to work hard, get hot and sweaty, benefit of the motivational qualities of our instructor and have fun.  Boot camp gives you the opportunity to break away from a routine of no exercise, procrastination, not achieving results with your current training or lacking motivation.

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