PT Hour

Want CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE in the gym to feel you can finally ACHIEVE something good?

PT Hour at Bodywise Gym in Horsham is about motivating each other and doing something that you would normally be afraid to do by yourself. It will be a small group session that is designed around the group’s goals and preferences each day.

Although each one will be different, it will revolve around circuit and HIIT style training which may involve bodyweight exercises, functional movements, gym equipment and cardio which will end with stretching. This class is for all abilities and great for improving strength across the whole body as well as your endurance.

This semi private PT class will help to inspire you to go through you own workout plan with the confidence of knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Before, during and after the class you will have the opportunity to pick our professional personal trainer’s brain about any questions you have regarding training or diet as we have the knowledge that comes with a personal training qualification.

Come to Bodywise Gym and have an intense workout with our personal trainers where you will be worked hard and will expand your knowledge at the same time!! 

Book your spot now and you won’t regret it!

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