Diet of the day: Body type diet. Lets find out yours...

What is Body type?

The approach was defined by an American psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon, in the 1940s who used the terms we still use today, there are 3 body types Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Or you could be an even mixture between 2.

Do you know your body type? 

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Here's what your body type says about you: (taken from above website)

“Ectomorphs are generally thin and lean, ectomorphs tend to have slender waists, narrow hips and shoulders, small joints, and long legs and arms. They tend to be slim, without much body fat or noticeable muscle mass. Because they have fast metabolisms, they burn calories quickly, so ectomorphs may find themselves hungry frequently throughout the day; yet, regardless of what, how often, or how much they eat, they don’t gain weight or muscle easily.

Mesomorphs are naturally muscular, mesomorphs typically have moderate-size frames, with wider shoulders and a narrow waist, strong arms and legs, and modest amounts of body fat. They are genetically predisposed to build muscle, so mesomorphs often require a slightly higher calorie intake (since muscle requires more calories to maintain it) and more protein than the other types do (again, for muscle maintenance). Generally, mesomorphs are able to lose or gain weight easily.

Endomorphs: Because they have a medium to large bone structure and more body fat than the other types, women who are endomorphs are often described as curvaceous or full-figured, while endomorphic men might be considered stocky, doughy, or round. Endomorphs usually have narrow shoulders and wider hips and carry any excess weight in the lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. It’s often challenging for them to lose weight, but with the right diet and training approach, it can be done.”

Today will be talking about the average Ectomorph diet

This is what a typical day would look like for an Ectomorph. They have a fast metabolism so it’s important to have at least 50% of the calories from carbohydrates, Fat 30% and Protein 20%. Choose calorie dense foods like oats, steak, avocado, whole grains which will stop you feeling hungry often or hangry & possibly shaky and low on energy. If you are an Ectomorph and want to gain muscle and get bigger add an extra 300-500 calories a day and up your protein to 1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram body weight. For training you should focus on hypertrophy, resistance strength training. Try to keep the cardiovascular and high intensity interval training to a minimum as this burns your calories even faster than they are already burning, which will require you to eat even more if you are trying to gain size.

Here is an example of what a recommended Ectomorph diet might look like and here is the pie chart from my fitness pal of macros of the below foods listed.

7am Breakfast overnight oats jar with chia seeds and berries, using a milk or yogurt of your choice with grated apple to sweeten. 

Calories 331, Carbohydrates 19.2, Fat 7.5, Protein 9.7

10 AM Snack 1 wholemeal pitta with 40gsmoked salmon 1tbsp cream cheese

Calories 284, Carbs 27.1g, Fat 11.5g, Protein 16.1

1pm Lunch Chicken breast rocket and tomato 

Calories 301, Carbs 39.3, Fat 4.9, Protein 33.53.30 PM Snack

3.30 PM Snack ·Herbalife Protein Bar & satsuma

Calories 190, 21g Carbs,4.1 fat, 10.9g protein

6.30 Dinner Cold prawn avocado vegetable salad with new potatoes 

Calories 740, carbs 43.7, fat 35.4, Protein 29.2

Total calories for the day 1847. Carbs 245g, Fat 64g, Protein 105g Lung355!

Total calories for the day 1847. Carbs 245g, Fat 64g, Protein 105g

Written by Liz Jabourian

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