Diet of the Day: Protein, are you getting enough?

Are you hitting your protein goal?

The benefits of a higher protein diet is you will feel less hungry and you are much less likely to grab anything to fill that hunger hole. There is no one size fits all as people come in all shapes and sizes and have different body compositions.


Since protein is important in maintaining lean muscle. Ideally you would have a body composition done on the scales at the gym this will tell you how much lean muscle mass you have, then using the below calculation you can work out your daily protein amount in grams.

·       Sedentary person 0.75gram x lean muscle mass in pounds

·       For an active person (moving and on your feet as a job) 1gram x lean muscle mass

·       Very active on your feet most of the day and working out 2/3 times a week 1.2gram x lean muscle mass.

·       Active & on a Muscle Gain plan 1.5g per kilo of lean body mass

If you are unsure of your lean body mass you can use the below calculation to calculate how much protein you should be having.

Bodyweight in pounds x 0.7pounds = Grams of Protein

This isn't the perfect method as it doesn't account for how much muscle mass you have but it at least counts for body size.

Here is an idea for a high protein day

Breakfast: (Calories314.5 carbs 31.1g, Fat 8.6g, Protein 28g) plus sweet freedom syrup 13 cals and blueberries 57 calories

 3 ingredient pancakes 28 grams protein. ½ cup cottage cheese 3 large egg whites and 45g oats blitzed up in a blender use non stick frying pan and gently heat 2 mins each side serve with maple syrup and berries.

OR Quick breakfast smoothie: (calories 200, Fat 4g, Protein 23g)

 Herbalife formula Meal replacement with x2 scoops (PDM) Protein powder.

Snack: (calories155, Fat 0, carbs 25, Protein 13g)

mini can tuna (56g) and an apple

Lunch: (Calories 400, Carbs 40, Fat 8g, Protein 30g)

Salmon Fillet salad with whole meal Pitta bread

Snack: (Calories 197Carbs 21g, Fat 4g, Protein 10g)

 Protein Bar and pear

Dinner: Calories445, Carbs 27g, Fat 15g Protein 29g)

200g Fillet Steak sweet potato oven chips with olive oil & steamed Broccoli.

Total calories 1397, total Protein 105

Written by Liz Jabourian

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