Diet of the day: Weight Gain Wednesdays

Today’s diet of the day is about Weight Gain

For some people It’s not always about losing weight, you may want to gain weight to become bigger for a competition, want to be able to lift heavier in the gym or want to look and feel better within yourself. With a good workout schedule and strict nutrition this can be done.

Why gain weight?

·       Are you a slim person who finds it hard to gain muscle or weight?

·       Are you wanting to lift heaver weights for a competition?

·       Do you want to change shape losing bodyfat to gain muscle? – here you will gain weight but get smaller in size

A lot depends on your body type and size but it is achievable if your reason WHY is strong!

What to do in the gym? Talk to us at reception we can write a program for you but the main focus will be resistance training for gaining weight.

Look to add 300-500 calories a day to your current calorie intake eating often will help keep the bloat away and to have good energy levels throughout the day.

Below is an example of a person with a resting BMR of 1500 wanting to get bigger in muscle and who trains in resistance every day.

Everybody has a different body type the below is just an example to give you an idea. If you would like to gain weight talk to us at reception and we can get you on a plan that is right for you.

6am Pre workout high protein ice coffee for that caffeine boost (15g Protein)

(Carbs 3g, Fats 2.5g, 15g protein and 100 calories)

8am Post workout Breakfast protein porridge: rebuild strength x5scoops, 40g oats, 2 large strawberries, 1tsp seeds and 1 tsp peanut butter

(Carbs 466, Fats 7.7, Protein 33.6 & Calories 436)

10am Morning Snack: 40g Smoked salmon cream cheese 2 tbsp on x1 wholemeal toast & 1 apple

(Carbs 26.2, Fat 17.7, Protein 13.9 calories 346)

12 Lunch: 90g Chicken breast, 200g brown rice and broccoli 1 cup

(Carbs 83.8, Fat 7.5, Protein 39.7, calories 567)

2.30 pm Afternoon Snack: Herbalife express bar and a banana

Carbs 53.1, Fat 5.3, Protein 16.5 calories 305)

5 pm Dinner: Tofu spice marinade, blue dragon whole wheat noodles and French beans & olive oil

(Carbs 43.2, Fat 32.2, 11 protein & 388 calories)

7pm Evening Snack Meal replacement shake with added banana & 1 scoop protein powder this is light on the tummy easy to digest before bed and extra calories before the overnight fast starts.

(Carbs 425, Fat 2.9, Protein 17.8, Calories 250)

Total calories 2367 – weight gain 8 weeks

This is the macros for the above

If you are looking to lose body fat and gain muscle then you need to be on a calorie deficit so say your resting calories burnt are 1500 then add your calories burnt for your day so say 500 = 2000 then deficit by 300-500 calories a day. 1500/1700 calories a day for 8 weeks to see a result. Using the model above but have less calories every meal time.

Written by Liz Jabourian

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