To Advent challenge or to not challenge?

In my last blog it was about focusing on yourself rather than being sucked in by the news. This post will definitely help with that. All my blogs are on our Facebook page.

We have a couple of advent challenges going on here at the club; we have myself doing some comical things not just in the gym but wherever you are. Everyday is a surprize this is me having fun and trying to win a weighted vest or a Fitbit Versa. Feel free to join me in my daily challenges or ask me if you want to join this challenge with me for a chance to win these goodies. Follow my stories on Instagram to see what I’m getting up today. @resultswithlizjabourian

Max has a challenge he has set up called 15 days of Christmas. If you do a small workout every day and film yourself, tag Max on Instagram and complete all 15 days, you will win 3 FREE PT sessions in January. Get in quickly though as the last day to join is tomorrow!

Remember the more you move, you feel not only better but more energized, more confident and less tired. I love this time of the year as I enjoy taking part in these advent challenges. It gets me talking to more people and most of all it’s all DAMAGE LIMITATION for Christmas day and being part of a challenge generally makes you stay away from those early Christmas treats so you’re more likely to save them for Christmas day.

So what do you recon, are you going to tag Max or be in my Instagram stories with me?

My motto these last 2 years now has been WHY NOT! What’s the worst that can happen?

I’ve read a book called the 5 second rule a couple of years ago and it’s a book that has resonated with me and it keeps proving to be true every day in every circumstance!

I wish you a HAPPY FUN and FESTIVE Christmas!

Love Liz  

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