Class Teacher: Erica Gee


  • Nia Certified Teacher
  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with ICF and EMCC
  • BA Honours in Humanities


  • Nia 'Moving to Heal' Licensed Teacher for 11 years
  • Nia Blue Belt

Classes Taught:

About Erica Gee

It's my passion and privilege to share Nia, this wonderful wellness practice. I've always loved dance and movement so was blessed to find Nia, fall in love with it as a student and then train to teach it. When not sharing Nia or learning more about it on a daily basis, I am enjoying time with my family, baby granddaughter and my garden. You might have seen that we learn about Nia via a Belt system and I'm a Blue Belt, currently taking my Brown. I am also trained to deliver Nia 'Moving to Heal' classes and I incorporate these for my students. The learning never stops which is one of the reasons I love Nia - ever evolving, ever growing- so exciting! Teaching triples the joy that I receive and my student community is very close to my heart. You are welcome any time. All my classes and workshops are open to everyBODY, no matter what age or level of fitness. Nia has the potential in relationship with you, to other words to make make us feel better no matter where our 'now' body is.

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