Bodywise Boutique Gym and Studios is not a traditional health club and definitely more than just a gym. We are a boutique fitness and wellbeing space.

We have purposely chosen holistic approach taking client needs, structure of the building and the location into consideration. With a new wellbeing concept, we have launched Yogida studio offering a wide range of yoga, Pilates, mobility and strength conditioning classes. Our 1-to-1, small group personal training sessions and Studio classes are available for different fitness levels and age groups.
Bodywise Boutique Gym and Studios experience is intimate, exclusive, trendy and fun. We have built an atmosphere of exclusivity creating an exciting small group training in each space for you to come out feeling like you performed at your peak with a sense of euphoria you can carry with you for the rest of the day.
We are focused on building relationships and making every person feel valued. You will become part of the Bodywise family. A place where you can express yourself in a fun and collective environment, build lifelong friendships while getting healthy and fit.
We are passionate about prioritising health and wellbeing through consistent practice. Consistency leads to habits. Habits form the actions. Actions lead to the results. To help you stay consistent we offer you space, equipment and ongoing support. And all less than a pound a day.
Our mission is to help you improve your lifestyle incorporating our teachings into your daily lives. Each class or training session is carefully designed for you to reach full potential. Our trainers will ensure each movement is safe and has a purpose with deep understanding of the benefits you gain from the practice.

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