FIIT Circuits

Full-Intensity-Interval-Training (FIIT) circuits is a gym based class that uses a combination of equipment, body weight and cardio based exercises to both teach your body to work more efficiently, improve your athletic performance and in turn improve your mindset towards exercising and healthy living.  The class works on your power, stamina and stability to increase the ease with which you perform both simple and complex movements. This class will burn calories through the intensity of the exercise, it will build your muscles which will burn more calories and it will makes movements easier which in turn will reduce your aches and pains plus improve your abilities in sports. FIIT Circuits will be fast, challenging and staying fresh through the diversity of the routines and exercises, however it will still be a personal one. It is a small group PT class with a friendly atmosphere that focuses on self improvement and individual effort as opposed to competition and performing at a certain level.


Wellbeing Member: Included
Just Gym Member: Included
Non-Member: £7

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