Intermediate Pilates

Ready to move from Beginner Pilates to the next step? Choose Intermediate Pilates. Intermediate Pilates class promotes greater muscular and postural benefits, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Exercises are presented to adapt the individual requirements and abilities of those participating. A wide range of alternatives, modifications and progressions are offered for each exercise to ensure each participant is able to move safely and effectively. Intermediate to advanced level.

Class evolves through the following sequence:

  • Opening – Pilates breathing, neutral alignment and core engagement
  • Warming sequence - mobility of main joins and flexibility of main muscle groups
  • Strength and balance - mixture of standing and floor based exercises using Pilates balls, bands and weights
  • Cool down – static stretches, relaxation


Wellbeing Member: Included
Just Gym Member: £5
Non-Member: £7

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