Class Teacher: Tanuja Mohanan


  • Diploma Indian Classical Dance
  • Psychology Bachelor of Science, Honours
  • Post graduation in Evolutionary Psychology
  • Sivananda Yoga Teaching Certificate
  • British Wheel of Yoga teaching Certificate
  • Thai Massage Practitioner
  • First Aid


  • Yoga & Daily Practice
  • Mindful Living & Yoga
  • Taking Yoga Off The Mat
  • Yoga Philosophy & Its Teachings
  • The Science Behind Yoga
  • Dance, Rhythm & Working With Music
  • One-to-One Yoga Instruction Using Thai Massage Techniques To Aid & Deepen Practice
  • Yoga & Ayurveda

Classes Taught:

About Tanuja Mohanan

During my childhood years growing up in India, I learnt that yoga was a way of life for many, a simple path chosen to cultivate a peaceful, accepting, strong and healthy mind. My first Sivananda yoga asana class was in 1996 during an Indian Classical Dance retreat in Virgina Massachusetts. I was privileged to meet and study under a student of Swami Satchidananda who was a disciple of Swami Sivavanda. I have been practicing yoga ever since. During my time as a dancer I discovered the importance of movement and exercise in keeping the body and mind healthy. I was always happy and energised during these years and felt very connected to my energy body. My psychology background has helped me to understand the science behind the body and mind connection and the importance of the stress response in our general health. I am particularly interested in human evolution, our ability to cope with the demands of a modern lifestyle and the impact this has on our psychological and physical wellbeing.

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